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Be the King (Not Jester) of the Board Room: Data-Driven Board Meetings for Sales Leaders

March 21, 2023 - 12 PM PST

Sales leaders, let’s be real…what your board really cares about is cold hard numbers.

When it comes time for the quarterly board meeting, it’s imperative that you are fully equipped with the answers to your board's inevitable questions—

”What’s our forecast for next quarter? The rest of the year?”
"How is the economic slowdown impacting us?"
“How is our win rate trending?”
“What's our rep efficiency rate?”
"Did we generate enough pipe last quarter?"

If you’re ill-prepared, you’ll look like a court jester rather than the leader of a sales empire.

Join Pete Kazanjy as he talks through the key components to crush your board meeting with data.

You'll learn:

  • How to interpret data in a way your board room cares about
  • How to visualize said data
  • How to present said interpretations and visualizations 

By the end of this masterclass, you'll have solidified your boss’ confidence in your ability to take care of business (and save yourself from 3 hours in the hot seat).

BONUS: Sign up for the event and get a $ALES NERD hoodie on Atrium. In exchange for the swag, all you have to do is sign up for a quick data-driven sales management chat with an Atrium Sales Strategy Advisor.

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Atrium is a Data-Driven Sales Management platform that empowers sales managers to improve rep & team performance.

Sales teams at 300+ companies like SalesLoft, Vimeo, ClickUp, and CB Insights use Atrium’s aggregated data (across their entire sales tech stack), analysis, and coaching insights to max out sales productivity and hit revenue goals.
Atrium is based in San Francisco and has raised $33M in funding to date from leading venture capitalists including Craft Ventures, Bonfire Ventures, Bullpen Capital, Charles River Ventures and First Round Capital.

Sign up for Atrium for free in <2 minutes: https://atriumhq.com/

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