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The Goal Driven Sales Org

May 31, 2023 - 11 AM PST

How Sales Leaders Can Set Goals to Drive High Performance 

Sales Leaders are challenged with not only making sure that their sales organization is on track to hit quota, but also, understanding the behaviors, trends, and unforeseeable roadblocks that will get in the way.

You need to know what to goal on, how to set goals, and how to measure their success.

And then you're responsible for enabling your managers to drive reps to hit those goals.

You need quality goal setting that actually sticks for your entire organization. 

Join Atrium CRO & Co-Founder, Pete Kazanjy, to learn The Goal Driven Sales Org: How Sales Leaders Can Set Goals to Drive High Performance.

Pete will teach you how to set smart goals and bring them through to the finish line so your reps actually hit them.

In this session you'll learn:

- How to select the right activities to goal on
- How to set smart goals (and communicate them)
- How you can arm and enable your managers with goals
- How to monitor and manage your rep's goals
- How to adjust goals when the curve balls keep coming...

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