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Jan 24-26, 2023


The Sales Kickoff for the Entire
Modern Sales Community
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Ready to Transform Your Revenue?

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Revenue Excellence Is In Your DNA

Grab hold of your spacesuit, because this Mega SKO is about to blast into space. 

Whether you're a sales leader, sales manager, sales ops star, or sales enablement pro, get ready to become the galaxy's latest superhero.

Help us complete this constellation and invite your team. ✨

The Agenda is Out-Of-This-World

Agenda Full of Stars

The sky is the limit. Attend one or all.
  1. January 24 7 AM

    The Craft of Customer Love: How Kyle Porter Took Salesloft From Overlooked Champion To Category Leader

    Kyle Porter
    CEO @ Salesloft

  2. January 24 8 AM

    Scalin' Up Sales Development: SDR Management For Rapidly Growing Orgs

    Ralph Barsi, Gil Abramov, Travis Militzer, and Debora Fernandez


  3. January 24 9 AM

    Cutting Edge Sales Tech: Breaking Through the Noise

    Mei Siauw, David Nelson, Siva Rajamani, and Jack McGlinchey

  4. January 24 10 AM

    VIP Masterclass with Jeremey Donovan - Needles and Haystacks: Which GTM Practices are Actually Best Practice?

    Jeremey Donovan

    EVP, Sales & Customer Success @ Insight Partners

  5. January 24 11 AM

    It's A Balancing Act: Sales Leadership For A Scalin Org...In A Recession

    Matt Gahr, Chris Calkin, Chloe Stewart, and Brian Lawrence

  6. January 24 12 PM

    Fireside Chat With PLG Expert Francis Brero, MadKudu's Founder

    Francis Brero

    Co-Founder & CPO

  7. January 24 1 PM

    Taming The Chaos: Leading RevOps At Massive Scale

    Sean Lane, Cindy Hancock, Howard Brown, and Kristen Habacht
  8. January 24 2 PM

    Grow Up & Glow Up: Scaling Your Sales Team With Turbulence

    Kendra Morales, Sarah Silberfeld, and Appy Choudhary
  9. January 24 3 PM

    Selling Sales Tech: How To Sell When You're Your Own ICP

    Russell Zack, Keith Cordeiro, and Colin Specter
  10. January 25 7 AM

    Masterclass With Steve Silver - How Buyer Behavior is Changing and What That Means for Sellers?

    Steve Silver

    VP of Research for Sales Ops

  11. January 25 8 AM

    Pipeline Picassos: SDR Leadership In The Enterprise

    Zach May, Lars Nilsson, and 
    Mark Mangal
  12. January 25 9 AM

    Sales Leadership in an Efficiency First World

    Trevor Childers, Jaimie Buss, Tim Mann, and Giselle Peck
  13. January 25 10 AM

    Go For Growth: How David Cancel Took Conversational Sales & Marketing Tech By Storm With Drift

    David Cancel
    Co-Founder & Executive Chairman @ Drift

  14. January 25 11 AM

    A Perfect Pairing: How Product and Sales Partner to Drive Product Innovation

    Ellie Fields, Evan Liang, Haris Ikram, and Jason Heidema


  15. January 25 12 PM

    Fireside Chat with Sales Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Cory Bray

    Cory Bray
    Co-Founder @ CoachCRM & ClozeLoop

  16. January 25 1 PM

    Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live Without 'Em: VC Operating Partners On Creating GTM Excellence

    Doug Landis, Brandon O'Sullivan, and Liz Christo
  17. January 25 2 PM

    Enable En Masse: Empowering Sales Managers At Large Orgs

    Sara Eklund, Kelley Jarrett, Teri Long, and 
    Melissa Kruminas
  18. January 26 7 AM

    Servant Leadership Sales Operations

    Pete Kazanjy
    Co-Founder & CRO @ Atrium & MSP
  19. January 26 8 AM

    Change My Mind: Manager Enablement > Rep Enablement

    Stephanie White, Laura Wheeler, and Pat Kiely
  20. January 26 9 AM

    So You Wanna Start a Software Company...

    Ted Blosser, Pouyan Salehi, Rick Nucci, and Jon Miller
  21. January 26 10 AM

    VIP Fireside with Kelly Wright

    Kelly Wright 
    Board Director @ Gong, Lucid, and Plum; Founder of Culture-Driven Sales @ Gong

  22. January 26 11 AM

    Navigating Stormy Waters for Pre-Public Sales Orgs

    Sean Murray, Jim Murphy, and Justin Bullock
  23. January 26 12 PM

    SaaStr's Success Story With Founder And CEO, Jason Lemkin

    Jason Lemkin
    Founder @ SaaStr

  24. January 26 1 PM

    Fireside Chat with Mark Roberge, Founder @ Stage 2 Capital, Founding CRO @ Hubspot

    Mark Roberge
    Founder & Managing Director @ Stage 2 Capital

  25. January 26 2 PM

    Get Groovin': How Chris Rothstein Took Sales Engagement To New Heights With Groove

    Chris Rothstein
    CEO @ Groove

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Your Experience Awaits

With 21 virtual sessions, 60+ VIP speakers from the best SaaS tech companies worldwide, and 5,000+ attendees. This is your chance to take your Sales Kick-off to another level.